Rhythm & Detonation

JIM pedal

I designed this pedal based on the Electra distortion, which is a simple distortion that was included as an onboard effect with Electra guitars. I tested all the options and decided this pedal sounded the best.

There are three clipping options: Plexi, Clean Boost, and Drive. Clipping is provided by NOS germanium diodes.

A 3-way selector switch controls the clipping section of the circuit. In the up position it is symmetrical hard clipping, giving you the classic Plexi sound (AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, etc.) In the middle position the clipping section is bypassed, turning the pedal into a Clean Boost. There is a lot of boost on tap in this setting, perfect for driving your tube amp into saturation. Push the boost just to the point that your amp distorts, and then back off the gain just a little to put your amp on the edge of breakup. The bottom setting is Drive, a very light asymmetrical clipping. For whatever reason, this setting sounds thicker than the others. It stays mostly clean, but if you dig in hard it will clip one side of the signal and give it a natural drive. You can also stack this pedal nicely after your favorite boost and get a little more asymmetrical clipping.

Three pedals in one.

There are two controls, bias and volume. The bias is similar to a gain or drive knob. It will crackle when you turn it, though that’s just the sound of the circuit re-biasing. The volume knob is a classic volume control. There is no tone control on this pedal, as I designed it to be transparent and to allow the tone of your guitar to shine. When you switch pickups, you will hear the difference, instead of being ironed over with simple tone knobs. The breakup on the distortion is very natural and tube-like. If you roll your volume back, the sound will clean up nicely; if you pick harder, it will break up more.

I developed this pedal along with Randy Hill. It really shines when driving small-watt tube amps like Fender Champs/Vibrochamps and Fender Pro Jr.'s. It loves to work with single-coil pickups too, like Telecasters and P-90 Les Pauls.

If you would like to purchase a JIM I am selling them for $60.

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