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The original Russian Green Big Muff was made under license from Electro-Harmonix by Sovtek of Russia from 1994-1998. These variations of the classic Big Muff Pi are becoming extremely popular since showing up the pedal board of Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys. This clone of the Green Russian is faithful to the sound of the original while adding true bypass, a dc power jack, and it takes up a smaller footprint on the pedal board.

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white wolfshirt

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Great White Shark Muff

This is a big muff tuned for bass; it also sounds great with down-tuned guitars.

The artwork is from the John Copley painting "Watson & the Shark."

Enclosure is a CLIFF 125B, paint is Automotive White, knobs are white Davies 1510, and LED is waterclear red.

The PCB is from Caps n' such.

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The Ampeg Scrambler is a nasty octave fuzz that originally came out in 1969. It became a highly desired effect, and at one point the original units were selling for more than $1000 on eBay. I built this clone using the layout found over at TONEPAD. Some of the components found in the original units can be hard to find, but I was able to purchase the 2n5306 transistors, and the new old-stock 1n456 GI general instrument diodes from Small Bear Electrical.

The controls are for TEXTURE, which controls the amount of upper octave content in the fuzz; and BALANCE, which mixes clean signal in with the fuzz.

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zebra fuzz

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grey bazz fuss

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3 bazz fusses

Three pedals in one day. A new personal best.

finished fusses

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green guts

silver guts

red guts

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