Rhythm & Detonation

Orange Peel

This is a pretty sweet project for fans of the ORANGE amp that might not have thousands of dollars laying around. The circuit was created by the fine folks at Run Off Groove. You can order built pedals, full kits, or PCB only from OLC. I chose the PCB only for this project and supplied my own parts.

Run Off Groove's bread and butter is taking a look at classic amplifier schematics and distilling the ideas down and emulating it by substituting Jfets for the tube gain stages, which makes an excellent sounding analog amp emulator. For the Orange Peel they took the 1974 Orange Graphic mkII amplifier and turned it into a sweet distortion pedal including all the touches like 4 position tone filter. Running my strat through the Orange Peel into a blues jr. I was able to jam the classic orange tones at bedroom volumes and it sounds great. To get that huge stoner heavy sound crank the Gain, Bass, and Treble, and leave the tone filter in the 1st position and blaze all day with huge ORANGE heavy tones. Rolling back the gain a little and put the filter in position 2 or 3 and you have a really sweet garage rock tone.

The PCB with all the parts was a tight fight in the Hammond 1590BB enclosure so I opted not to include a battery but it runs of the standard 9v boss dc adapter. I originally wanted to use fluted MXR style knobs but they were too big to fit across so I went with black davies 1510H knobs. The graphic is an image of a ridiculous Orange amp collection and I used an orange LED to give a nice touch.