Rhythm & Detonation

Fuzz Mutantes

This pedal is based on the Fuzz pedal designed by Claudio Baptista for Sergio Dias, the guitar player for Os Mutantes. The circuit design was pretty heavily modified and improved by Madbean and released as the Deadpool project. The FAT control adds resistance in series with the clipping diodes, it goes from squeaky thin to really heavy thick fuzz. The LOUD control is your standard volume control, but it is EXTREMELY LOUD, unity is at 9 o'clock and it goes up from there. The BODY switch adds an input cap in series with the default 10uF cap which thickens the sound. The COMP switch switches the clipping diodes out of the circuit.

The pedal is housed in a CLIFF 125b enclosure painted with Krylon Ivy Leaf. The knobs are RED Davies 1510h. The LED is water clear yellow.