Rhythm & Detonation


This is a little mini power supply to take care of some "special needs" pedals. Madbean designed it to be an inexpensive versatile charge pump. It takes a regular 9v dc input and uses a MAX1044 charge pump to double the output to 18v DC and then outputs 18v DC, and negative (-)9v DC. It also has a spot to put a regulator on to output oddball voltages like 12v dc or 5v dc if you need it, but for my purposes I don't have a need for it. It is pretty common for some boutique effects to run on 18v dc for the higher headroom. Most effects can be ran on 18v if the electrolytic caps are at least rated above 18v. Negative 9v DC is pretty rare in the effects world but a few older circuit designs like Fuzz Faces or Dallas Rangemasters run on Negative (-) 9v DC.

I housed it in a Hammond 1590A enclosure painted HUGGER ORANGE. All the dc sockets are the "standard" 2.1mm negative pin boss style adapter sockets.