Rhythm & Detonation


This purple pedal is a distortion pedal I build for Jesse Anderson. I used Madbean's boomstick pcb to make it. The
Boomstick is comprised of one dynamic and two static mosfet stages with a Big Muff type tonecontrol, as well as a second order low pass filter at the end. It creates a very thick distortion similar to an overdriven Marshall ® JTM45. GAIN controls the dynamic mosfet gain stage, Tone is a Big Muff style derivative, and Volume sets the overall output level. The SUB switch adds a 470nF cap in parallel with the 47nF coupling cap to increase sub frequency bass. The BOOST switch shorts the source of the q3 mosfet for more gain.

The overall distortion sound is really natural sound reminiscent of early AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, and The Damned. The Damned ended up being the inspiration for the artwork with a picture of Damned singer David Vanian. The pedal was painted with Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Gloss Grape. The led is a super bright blue LED and the knobs are violet davies 1510. The enclosure is a horizontal Hammond 1590BB.

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