Rhythm & Detonation


I made this custom fuzz at the request of Timothy Partridge who wanted a Big Muff without the tone control and he also wanted it to be modded for maximum possible gain. The tone section from the Big Muff does a lot of heavy shaping and cuts the signal down significantly so omitting the tone section increases the gain. Further more I did the creamy dreamer mods which starts with the Triangle Spec and substitutes jumpers for the emitter resistors of q1, q2, and q3 for even more gain of an asymmetrical nature. To omit the tone section you just remove c10, c11, r18, r19, and jumper c10 and tone 2-3 this passes the signal straight from q3 to the coupling cap of q4. With all these mods done to the circuit you end up with a HUGE sounding fuzz with damn near infinite sustain with a really open flat tone response.

The enclosure is a Hammond 1590BB painted in Automotive White. The knobs are black Davies 1470 knurled pointer knobs and the led is RED waterclear.