Rhythm & Detonation

BD-2 mods

I generally hate doing mod work because for me half the fun is paint and graphics and creating something from scratch. I have been sitting on this pedal for over 3 months and it has been glaring at me for not modding it in a timely fashion, but today was the day. The first name I think of when I think of MODS is Robert Keeley the expert in mods so I checked out his site about his BD2 modded pedals, and if you scroll to the bottom he details the mods he does to the BD2.

The BD2 is a great sounding pedal to begin with so I was really skeptical that modding it would improve it all that much, but it certainly sounds better post mods. I would say the most worth while mod is the FAT switch. This switches a .068uF cap in series with the tone cap to fatten the tone up a bit. The scariest part about it for me was drilling the enclosure, and thankfully the enclosure is made of a relatively soft metal and my drill bit went through very easily. The other mods include increasing the input cap to .1uF for more bass, and changing the clipping diodes to an assymetrical arrangement for a more natural tube like clipping sound.

Of course cosmetically I can't just let a pedal leave me looking the same way it came in so I swapped the gold inlay knobs for some silver inlay knobs and put a davies 1900h on the tone knob. I swapped the led out for 3mm water clear green led.