Rhythm & Detonation

Andre Overdrive

This is an overdrive pedal I built for Zachery Hobbs who I also built the Blue Demon Boost for. He now has a sweet wrestling theme going on with his pedals. This pedal has the classic tubescreamer overdrive set up but instead of the simple single tone control it has an active Baxandall tone stack. This is the type of EQ you commonly find in Hi-Fi stereos with two controls one to boost or cut bass, and another to boost or cut treble. The midrange stays in a fixed position but by using the other two controls you can achieve a wide range of sounds including boosted mids by lowering both tone controls, or scooped mids by increasing both tone controls. This is a very versatile take on the classic overdrive.

The pedal is painted almond white and has red Davies 1510 knobs. It is housed in a horizontal Hammond 1590BB enclosure. The led is water-clear red.