Rhythm & Detonation


This is a variation on the classic Ibanez Tubescreamer with an improved tone equalization section. It has a Baxandall active EQ similar to the kind found in Hi-Fi stereos.

There are the typical GAIN and VOLUME controls, but the EQ is expanded to have BASS and TREBLE controls, which is a very popular set-up in stereos because it offers a lot of tone shaping with only two controls.

It's really easy to dial in the proper tone: If you want scooped mids, you just boost the bass and treble; if you want boosted mids, you lower the bass and treble. You can achieve flat response by keeping the bass and treble flat at noon. The symmetrical clipping is provided by 1n914 silicon diodes.

The PCB's for the project can be found at madbean pedals

I painted the pedal in Testor's One Coat Lacquer Fiery Orange, and added an amber water clear LED. Creme Davies 1510 knobs finish off the pedal. The graphics are a paparazzo photo of Britney Spears, with the Stomp switch covering up her woman parts.

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