Rhythm & Detonation

Radar Rat

I built this distortion pedal for Travis Paduano, who was interested in a RAT for bass guitar that had more boom. Travis plays a homemade black-on-black precision bass with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups, an Ampeg 8x10, and a Traynor YBA-1 head. The 4-knob RAT mod is a great starting point for a bass RAT because it cleans up the bass a bit,  allowing bass to pass through undistorted while still effecting the mids and treble.

I also increased cap sizes in all the critical points to allow more bass to pass through the circuit, increasing input and output caps, as well as doubling the caps in the negative feedback loop. I kept a lot of the aspects of the vintage RAT stock, including the LM308 op-amp, and silicon symmetrical clipping by two 1n918 diodes.

The artwork was a stencil graphic of a radar rat by banksy that I adapted to the pedal. I painted the pedal in competition orange and used a water clear yellow LED and black knobs.