Rhythm & Detonation

Mids Muff

I made this Muff style fuzz for Jesse Crowe. The Electro Harmonix Big Muff is a classic fuzz pedal and has a distinct signature scooped mid-range sound with tons of sustain. The pedal I built has all that sound plus a switchable tone cap that flattens out the mid-range. This makes the pedal more "ripping" and present. It also helps the guitar to stay in the mix.

The controls SUSTAIN on the far right, TONE in the middle, and VOLUME on the left. The red switch in the middle is stock Muff on right and MIDS boosted on the left. I used madbean's MudBunny PCB layout. I used BC550's for the transistors they have a HUGE amount of gain (hfe-800) that compliments the flattened mid-range.

I painted the pedal in satin Olive Drab and used black #1400 style knurled pointer knobs with a water clear red LED.

Flat Mids