Rhythm & Detonation

Mata drive

I made this pedal for Roy Mata from Houston, TX., who plays guitar in Black Congress. Roy plays a telecaster through a Musicman HD-130. The HD-130 is a unique amp because it has a solid state preamp and a tube phase inverter and a tube power section. It's a popular amp because it's very loud and has extremely high headroom, so it needs a little help from pedals for distortion.

Roy uses a SHO and FOXX TONE MACHINE for dirt, but newer songs are calling for a more classic distortion sound. Roy has the benefit of living in in the same city as I do, so I sent him home with a few different pedals to choose from, and he ended up going with this circuit. He also said it stacks really well after the SHO for even more boost and grit.

I build the pedal using madbean's EgoDriver board. Two MOSFETs and one 1n34a germanium diode provide the asymmetrical clipping.

The pedal has no graphics, and I painted it in Satin Olive Green. Black knobs and a red LED finished off the job.