Rhythm & Detonation

Jules Et Jim

This pedal is a unique collaboration: I made it for Aaron Ginn after he contacted me about finishing some diy pedal projects he didn't have time to finish. One was this really cool enclosure for a 4-knob pedal that was made by Preston Clark over at www.prestonsmusic.com. Preston does AMAZING etching work, and he etched this enclosure with a JULES ET JIM-inspired graphic.

I took care of the insides of the pedal using madbean's Serendipity PCB. This is a Son of Screamer-based circuit with asymmetrical clipping provided by three bat41's and a 2n7000 MOSFET.

The controls are "Niveau," a standard gain control adding impedance to the negative feedback loop; "Commande," a voicing control that affects the amount of gain and treble in the clipping section, which is very handy for taming harsh upper midrange, or conversly adding harsh upper midrange; "Nature," a tone control; and "Poussee," the volume control.

I finished off the pedal with a water clear blue LED and white knobs.