Rhythm & Detonation

Analog Chorus

I built this pedal for MYSELF. This is an Analog Chorus based on the Boss CE-2.

The Boss CE-2 was the first chorus effect to come in a small pedal format. The original Boss CE-2 used analog BBD delay chips to create the chorus effect. These chips are no longer in production (well...Visual Sound is getting them made again), so I tracked down some chips on eBay for a fair price to use for this effect. This pedal has the same controls as the original CE-2: RATE and DEPTH, but it adds all the popular mods. MIX is a knob that controls the mix of effected signal with clean signal. The WET switch increases bass response in the circuit, which is great for bass guitar or drop tunings. The Vibrato switch drops the clean signal out and leaves just the effected signal, giving an analog vibrato sound. The DEEP switch doubles the available depth of the effect.

I used madbean's Pork Barrel PCB for this project.

I painted the pedal in powder blue as an homage to the original Boss CE-2. I also used black knobs with brushed aluminum inlays for the classic look. I put an "exploded view" of a bicycle for the graphics, and I finished the pedal with a water clear blue LED.  I also used SPST switches for the mods, which come with red rubber sleeves on them. I thought they looked cool, so I decided to keep them.