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Adding A Power Jack to a Russian Big Muff

I modded this Russian Big Muff pedal for Benjamin Wesley. I met Ben back in 2001, and we started a band together called No Gun Ri. We then played together in Basses Loaded, and Tha Fucking Transmissions. Ben now does a killer one- man-band show under his own name, Benjamin Wesley. Go to his Web site, and watch his awesome music video here:

When I first started playing with Ben I gave him some really good advice: buy a fender twin, buy a ts9 tubescreamer, and buy a big muff. Ben used his big muff like crazy and it has been broken for a little while now. The russian big muffs made by sovtek sound awesome, but they are kind of backwards and can stand a little improving in the ease of use category. They do not come with a DC jack for using a power supply so you have to use a 9v battery. The 9v snap they use is the kind you would find on an alarm clock, the thin soft vinyl snaps. After a few years these snaps get worn out and break, and the thin leads become detached.

I took the pedal apart and plotted my spot for drilling. I was a little scared because my previous attempts at drilling steel didn't go so well, but luckily the Russian Big Muff is made from a softer metal. I drilled a 1/2" hole using a stepped unibit. I used a dc power jack and a Premium 9v Snap made from molded plastic with quality pre-bonded leads. These can be purchased from Pedal Parts Plus. Now the pedal can be used with the 9v battery, or a 2.1mm negative pin center boss style power supply.