Rhythm & Detonation


This is madbean's Zombii fuzz project.

It's essentially a germanium, fuzz-face circuit with two of the biasing resistors replaced with potentiometer, and a voltage sag control. The controls are STABILITY, a voltage-sag control to drop the voltage feeding the circuit and get some wild sounds and oscillating fuzz; GATE, the bias control for the first germanium transistor stage that you can use to clean up the noise and shorten the decay time; COMP, a compression control that adds or subtracts attack and increases sustain; DRIVE, the classic distortion/fuzz control; and VOLUME, a classic post-circuit volume cut for setting the desired output volume.

I used matching old-stock SINO 3AX31C germanium transistors and a 1590BB enclosure for more space. The pedal is painted khaki, with graphics provided by Shawn Aguilar. The knobs are small Davies 1900h clones. I used a yellow LED.