Rhythm & Detonation


I built this overdrive for Randy Hill, one of my good-gear buddies here in Houston. I'd attempt to tell you what bands Randy plays in, but there are at least six of them, and I can't keep them all straight. You can go to his reverbnation site and find out where and with whom the latest gigs are.

He also "guitar tech's" on Austin City Limits from time to time.

Randy plays on a '72 Telecaster, a gold-top Les Paul with P-90's, or a Fender Bullet through a bunch of handmade, boutique Fender Pro Junior's, Vibrochamps, or pretty much anything with tweed on it.

I used madbean's new serendipity PCB, which are really nice fabricated boards on which to build Son of Screamer type overdrives. Clipping is asymmetrical, provided by Bat 41's and MOSFET, for a natural overdrive sound.

We kicked around a bunch of ideas for artwork, and Randy told me to paint it yellow and put a rising sun on it. I began putting Japanese-style rising-sun graphics on it, but it was a little dizzy and reminiscent of a yellow Eddie Van Halen guitar... not the intended look. Then it hit me:  do something a bit like the Sun Records Logo, and it all came together. I used black knobs and a green LED to finish it.