Rhythm & Detonation


I made this pedal using madbean's Sabertooth PCB. The new fabricated dual-sided PCBs from madbean are really nice.

The circuit is essentially a silicon Fuzz Face, with the bite control adding resistance between the two stages. The bite control acts as a gate that cuts out the noise and feedback, and when cranked, you get really ripping velcro decay with a buzzy short sustain. This is supposed to be a bass fuzz, and it has a pretty big sub frequency content, but it also sounds great on guitar; You can go from big fuzzy-doom guitar sounds to splatty torn-speaker, garage-rock fuzz.

The controls from left to right are fuzz, a typical fuzz-face-style control; the bite control, which tames the noise and gates the sound; and the tone control, which is a really simple

I used this blue paint because I bought it a while back and hadn't used it. I went with white knobs and a blue LED, although I wish now I would have used a yellow LED instead.