Rhythm & Detonation

Freyr Chorus

I made this chorus pedal for repeat customer Jesse Crowe from Portsmouth, Va. He used to have a classic Boss CE-2 chorus pedal that he regretted selling. The Boss CE-2 was the first chorus effect in a stompbox-pedal format, and it had a great analog chorus sound. The secret to its sound is the BBD bucket brigade chips, which provide the sample and hold functions to create the chorus sound. While the chips are no longer in production, I found on eBay some MN3001 and MN3007 like the ones from the classic Boss CE-2.

Madbean has a great layout for a Boss CE-2 style chorus with all the popular mods on board. He sells really nice dual- sided PCB's to go with the project, which is named Pork Barrel.

The pedal has classic chorus controls of RATE and DEPTH. There's also a control knob for MIX, so you can choose how much clean sound versus effected sound is in the mix. There are also three toggle switches. WET increases bass response to thicken up the sound, or you can tailor the pedal for bass guitar. VIBE completely mutes the clean signal, giving a nice analog vibrato. The DEEP switch doubles the amount of depth available. There's an inside bias control for Vref to tune the circuit in for maximum output without distorting.

Jesse wanted the pedal painted the classic powder blue reminiscent of the original BOSS chorus pedals. We also used the brushed aluminum inlay knobs for a vintage vibe. The artwork is of Freyr the Norse God to complement Jesse's other pedal, the Odin Drive. I decided to mount the mod switches on the top row to protect them from accidentally getting kicked. I finished the pedal off with a blue LED mounted in the sun.