Rhythm & Detonation


I built this pedal for David Haley from Houston, Tx. The circuit is a Dr. Boogie, which is a popular, yet extremely complex, D.I.Y. project that emulates the sound of a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. It's pretty common for tube amplifiers to be accurately modeled in pedal form by substituting JFET's in place of gain stages. I'd say this pedal is very true to the Dual Rectifier sound. It's an extremely high-gain circuit that captures the crunchy, ripping, signature sound that's synonymous with metal, hardcore, and punk rock.

David wanted an image of the D-day invasion of Normandy on his pedal. I painted the pedal in Testor's Diamond Dust. I used black Davies 1510 style knobs. Finished off with a water clear red LED.