Rhythm & Detonation

Attica! Attica!

I made this pedal for Terry Connell, who plays bass in California. I previously made a ts808 for his bandmate Cory Galusha, and Terry contacted me about some dirt for his bass.

I went with the tube sound fuzz circuit, which sounds great on bass, using Madbean's Snarkdoodle PCB layout. Terry wanted a pedal he could kick on for some fuzz, but also had a switch for MORE fuzz. I used a pretty cool trick to switch between two gain pots: you use a 3pdt footswitch and wire up the top row to Gain 1, the bottom row to Gain 2, and the middle row to the board where the Gain control is normally wired.

Terry wanted some artwork based on the movie Dog Day Afternoon, so I took the crowd shot from the DVD cover and superimposed a halftone image of Pacino in the sky. I painted the pedal in Testor's Diamond Dust one-coat lacquer. I used a water clear red LED and knurled chrome dome tele-knobs.

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