Rhythm & Detonation

Two Wolfshirts

I made this pair of pedals for two guys from Southern California. Thomas Acosta wanted to get a wolfshirt, and he had his artist friend Nick Guenzler http://funforalldesign.com draw up a one-eyed wolf. Nick was excited about the pedal and wanted a second one made for him.

Thomas plays drums in Bad Lovers, but he's been playing guitar in a new project he describes as "kinda like if the Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Unwound were jamming with Sonic Youth and Autolux."  That sounds like a brilliant idea, and I was really excited about Nick's one-eyed wolf idea.

I painted Thomas' pedal in avocado green (actually Krylon ivy green), and Nick wanted his pedal neon construction orange. I painted it with the construction-orange paint, but I didn't like the way it dried into a chalky soft finish so I stripped it and painted it Testors Competition Orange, which is an old Mopar paint from 70's muscle cars.

The circuit is based on the Foxx Tone Machine, and I used Madbean's wolfshirt schematic. I used a layout very similar to the original Foxx Tone, but I added a 9v DC adapter so the pedal could be used with a power supply. I'm really happy with the way these came out; they look weird, but in a good way. I used the small knobs with brushed aluminum inlays. Thomas' pedal got a green LED, and Nick's was red.

I can't wait to hear what they do with these pedals.