Rhythm & Detonation

Suicide King Fuzz

I built this fuzz pedal for Jesse Crowe from Portsmouth, Va. The circuit is a clone of the Foxx Tone Machine, a fuzz with a switch that adds an octave-up sound. The Foxx Tone Machine originally came out the in the '70s and is highly sought after. Jesse was really cool about letting me do my thing on this pedal, and I took the personal challenge of stuffing it into a 1590b enclosure. It was a tight fit, but I made it happen.

He also let me pick the color, Testor's Diamond Dust. I already built him the TCB boost, which I painted in Testor's Inca Gold, so I wanted to try to make this pedal fit the theme. Jesse chose the artwork, the King of Hearts stabbing himself in the head, the suicide king

I used madbean's wolfshirt layout for the build, NOS 1n34a germanium diodes, and NOS 2n3565 transistors that come in a cool black metal package. I also colored PCB black for bonus metal points. I went with black Ampeg knobs because I thought it was the best fit for the pedal.

Foxx Tone Machine all over the first Wolfmother Album.