Rhythm & Detonation

R&D goes international, as we go to Australia.

Shawn Durrani from Victoria Australia recently contacted me about making a bass distortion. Shawn used to play bass in a band called the Jonx, which played numerous shows around Houston with my band, the Kants, five or six years ago. He moved to Australia a while back, but he's been following my builds through the magic of Facebook.

I ended up making him the tube-sound fuzz circuit, or as I now call it, the Six Pack, because it uses a hex inverter chip. I think it sounds fantastic on bass. Shawn contacted a mutual friend, tattoo artist and bass player Brandi DiPietro, about drawing the artwork for the pedal. Brandi plays bass in a band called Woozyhelmet and has a cool site for her tattoo work, Army Of Puppies. She came up with a couple of designs and Shawn picked one of a  burning city and skull, with the eyes being the knobs. I really like Brandi's style for the artwork and incorporating the LED in the flames. I went with a waterclear green LED and used white knobs to offer some contrast for the skull eyes.