Rhythm & Detonation

ODIN drive

This is the Odin drive. I used the Serendipity PCB from madbean. Asymmetrical Bat 41's diodes with MOSFET clipping. The 4rd knob, "voice," adjusts the voltage going back into the feedback loop that what is normally a 4.7k resistor on the Son of Screamer schematic is now a 10k potentiometer.

I have to say this is a great sounding od. One of my favorites, and easily the best mod to a Son of Screamer/tubescreamer type circuit. The voice control increases the gain while increasing the treble, and as you lower it, it decreases the gain but increases bass. It's a very useful control to voice the circuit to different guitar/amp setups.

The artwork is a picture of Odin over brushed aluminum. I went with a cliff125b enclosure for a little more space, which is how I prefer four knob pedals. White knobs and a water clear blue LED completed the project.