Rhythm & Detonation


I built this pedal for Jesse Crowe. The circuit is a Dr. Boogie, which is a popular, yet extremely complex, D.I.Y. project that emulates the sound of a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. It's pretty common for tube amplifiers to be accurately modeled in pedal form by substituting JFET's in place of gain stages. I'd say this pedal is very true to the Dual Rectifier sound. It's an extremely high-gain circuit that captures the crunchy, ripping, signature sound that's synonymous with metal, hardcore, and punk rock.

There is a 3-band EQ for capturing the perfect scooped-mid metal tones. I found the EQ section to be very powerful; it completely takes control of your guitar, ignoring your tone knobs and pickup selections and forcing it into the tone you choose with the pedal. The pedal is extremely fast tracking with tight bass. It almost has a gated feel to it. The harmonics leap from the strings, and pick squeals and divebombs are killer.

The sign of a good pedal to me is a pedal that inspires your playing, and while testing this pedal, about an hour's time, I ended up writing around two albums worth of "Kill Em' All"- style Metallica riffs in an hour of testing.

The pedal has four trim controls on the inside to dial in the gain stages on the pedal to correctly capture the Boogie sound and eliminate oscillations. Because of the high-gain nature of the pedal, I used military-grade shielded wire to reduce noise.

I painted the pedal Testor's Lime Ice. The decal is an image of H.P. Lovecraft, the famous American horror writer. I used a super bright water clear green LED, and finished off the pedal off with black knobs.