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Electronic Parts Outlet

I snapped a few pictures the other day when I stopped by my favorite store, Electronic Parts Outlet, on Fondren.

I consider myself lucky to live in Houston, because we have a ton of  local electronics companies here like Don't Panic IT Solutions. If those don't fulfill your needs than, surely the likes Texas Instruments, Raytheon, Tyco, Halliburton and, of course, NASA can . I think the amount of engineers in this town is one of the reasons we can support a place like EPO.

It's like a candy store for me: aisle 1...transistors, aisle 2...capacitors, aisle 3...resistors, etc. It really is the store that has almost everything. I know a lot of my fellow D.I.Y. builders live in places where the only local source for parts is Radio Shack. I consider myself really lucky to be able to drop by a local shop and pick up some germanium transistors for cheap. I try to shop locally first, then go online when I can to keep supporting local business.

EPO is a pretty crazy place where you can run into all types of people satisfying all kinds of hobbies: there are model railroaders, radio enthusiasts, computer builders, security installers, cable guys, etc. Most of the times I shop there I get approached by people assuming I work there because I'm walking around with a clipboard, and I look like I know what I am doing. I know there must be fellow guitar-effects builders shopping there because the popular items are always out of stock, but I have never run into any of them.

Check out the pictures, and stop by if you're in Houston.