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Modded tr-2 and ge-7

Someone recently gave me these two pedals to modify, the Boss TR-2 tremolo and the Boss GE-7.

The Boss TR-2 is a great tremolo; there isn't much wrong with it except for a slight volume drop when the effect is engaged. I just changed out the r9 resistor for a 4.7k resistor. I spent maybe five minutes working on it, and three of those were for playing "Born on the Bayou".  While I had her open for surgery I decided also to replace the red LED with a green one.

The second pedal is a Boss GE-7, a "vintage" model PCB. It's a 7-band graphic equalizer/noise/hum factory. The main culprits are three op-amps labeled TL022, which are so cheap and noisy that I had to upgrade them. I don't know why Boss decided to go cheap on the most important part of the pedal, but I replaced all three with TL082's from Texas Instruments (go Houston!). There are "better" op-amps out there, but the TL082 strikes a nice balance between noise and battery consumption. They definitely lower the noise from the pedal.

The second part of this mod involves changing the capacitors that are used to shape the tone of the pedal. There are seven different ones that needed changing. I replaced the cheap capacitors with poly-film caps, and upgraded the electrolytic to xicon's. Of course, I had to throw a green LED in there too.

Modded tr-2 and ge-7

Modded TR-2 and GE-7

Ge7 Before

This is what the GE-7 PCB looked like before

Ge7 pcb after mods

GE-7 after

Crappy Components

Crappy Components

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