Rhythm & Detonation

808 kicking

I made this pedal for Cory Galusha from northern New York. He plays guitar in the band California.

Cory plays a Les Paul Studio through a 1986 50-watt Marshall JCM 800 into an angled Marshall 1960 cab. He asked for a Tubescreamer, so I made him the best one there is: the famed TS-808.

Ibanez/Maxon came out with the Tubescreamer and started the most copied design in guitar effects circuitry. Ibanez made several versions of this pedal, including the TS-9, but I chose to use the original schematic from the TS-808, because it's one of the most sought after vintage pedals, mainly because Stevie Ray Vaughn used it.

I used the layout and schematics found at tonepad. I took the original spec jrc4558 op-amp and added a socket so it can be swapped with compatible dual op-amps. I dropped them in a Cliff 125B enclosure, and kept the same sea-sick green.

Cory let me do something simple with the artwork, and I love the look: I used black knobs with brushed aluminum inlays to match the TS-808, and a waterclear green LED.