Rhythm & Detonation

007 Fuzz

This is a 5 knob fuzz. I used Madbean's Zombii schematic. It's essentially a germanium, fuzz-face circuit with two of the biasing resistors replaced with potentiometer, and a voltage sag control. The controls are STAB,  or stability, that is a voltage-sag control you can drop the voltage feeding the circuit and get some wild sounds and oscillating fuzz. GATE is the bias control for the first germanium transistor stage that you can use to clean up the noise and shorten the decay time. COMP is a compression control that adds or subtracts attack and increases sustain. DRIVE is the classic distortion/fuzz control, and VOL is a classic post-circuit volume cut for setting the desired output volume.

This was an extremely complicated build, because while the actual circuit is fairly simple and easy to build, I had problems fitting the project into a 1590B enclosure. I used board-mounted pots for the first time, and the drill holes have to be exact. Fitting five knobs, input and output jacks, a switch, a DC socket, a 9v battery, and a circuit board into one enclosure is very tricky. I also had problems with the battery shorting out the circuit when it touched the bottom of the PCB. My solution was to cover the battery in electrical tape and mount it to the enclosure with double-sided foam tape to prevent movement. I also covered the bottom of the PCB in electrical tape.

I used vintage, American-made germanium transistors from Advanced Semiconductor. I originally planned on using Japanese-made units, but they were too tall to fit on the board. The transistors are socketed, so they can always be switched out for other units. I used small black knobs (the only size that would fit, and a tiny 3mm red LED. The paint is white, and the graphics are James Bond 007 with seven bathing beauties.