Rhythm & Detonation

www.rhythmanddetonation.com is now also rdpedals.com

I get to see all the search terms that lead people to my site, and apparently none of you knows how to spell.

Rhythem, rhythim, rhythym, rhytm, detination detornation, detanation, etc.

I get it, both words are hard to spell (the latter if you're retarded), so I registered rdpedals.com, and that URL redirects to this site. The bonus of rdpedals.com, I feel, is that it's o.k. putting rdpedals on a package, but I'd rather not put DETONATION anywhere on a piece of mail, as I can only imagine what kind of tests to which they'd subject my packages.

The name Rhythm & Detonation was originally on a list of names for a band I was in back in 2001. We ended up calling the band No Gun Ri and used the name for a song. I always held on to the name for a project that never happened. Rhythm & Detonation was going to be a band in which every single song sounded like "Spanish Bombs" by the Clash. The band never materialized, and while printing up my first water slide transfers, I needed a name. I'd sat on the logo for Rhythm & Detonation for nearly a decade, so I decided to put it on a pedal. Everybody liked it, and the rest was history.

When I set up my Web Site, I didn't want to call it rdpedals because I didn't want to restrict this blog just to pedals; in the future, I hope to build some amps, hi-fi stereos, Christmas decorations, bike lights, or wherever else my imagination meets my ability. Hopefully this makes it easier for those who can't spell.