Rhythm & Detonation


This is an octave-up fuzz based on the fOXX Tone Machine. I know a few local guys who swear by this pedal. My friend Dr. Tony Balls says it's his favorite fuzz, so I had to check out it.

I went crazy with this build just for my enjoyment. It has side- mounted pots, top-mounted jacks, wolf eyes that light up. This is a great fuzz pedal.

The octave-up is extremely punishing (in a good way). You have to know what you are doing with an octave-up fuzz, because if you hit the wrong note, it's like hitting the wrong note twice.
Luckily, the fuzz is switchable so you can remove it if it gets too hairy. We hooked this thing up to the bass and an hour-long, stoned-out Sonic-Youth-style jam session ensued. I love when a pedal can inspire new sounds and new riffs. That's really what makes it all worthwhile.

If you want to build your own Wolfshirt, you can buy PCB's from Madbean