Rhythm & Detonation


This pedal is my own design based on the electra distortion which is a simple distortion that was included as an onboard effect with electra guitars. I tested all the options and came out with what I thought sounded the best. There are 3 clipping options Plexi, Clean Boost, and Drive. Clipping is provided by NOS germanium diodes. There are two controls Bias and Volume. I developed this pedal along with Randy Hill. It really shines driving small watt tube amps like fender champs/vibrochamps and fender pro jr's. It loves to work with single coil pickups like telecasters and p-90 les pauls. This is basically a great little box to give you the hard driven marshall plexi sound at lower volume levels. You also get a nice clean boost with no clipping that offers alot of gain to drive tube amps into natural overdrive without coloring the sound. The drive setting is an assymetrical clipped sound with a very light soft clipping that thickens up the sound and will only distort when you really dig in.

There is no tone control on this pedal I designed it to be transparent and to allow the tone of your guitar to shine through. When you switch pickups you will hear the difference instead of being ironed over with simple tone knobs. The break up on the distortion is very natural and tube-like. If you roll your volume back the sound will clean up nicely, if you pick harder it will break up more.

If you would like to purchase a JIM I am selling them for $60 email me email hidden; JavaScript is required

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