Rhythm & Detonation

Taking Care of Boost, Baby.


I made this 1-knob MOSFET boost for Jesse Crowe from Portsmouth, Va. The knob controls the bias of the circuit and has a huge range of boost that will send any tube amp into saturated overdrive. This TCB doesn't color the tone of your guitar or amp and allows the natural sounds to come out.

I painted the pedal in INCA GOLD and applied the water slide decals. I then added several coats of high-gloss polyurethane sealer on top, followed by carnauba wax for deep body shine. I went with the MXR style: large knob with the rubber stopper on it. This is my favorite kind of knob for 1-knob pedals because you can adjust the pedal with your foot. I finished it off with a clear amber LED.


1-knob MOSFET booster

Takin Care Of Business


TCB bottom plate