Rhythm & Detonation

Slam Cat

Slam Cat's eyes are lit!

I made this pedal for Mike Lawson, guitarist for the Virginia Beach band KINGSHEAD.

Mike plays a Gibson SG through a Marshall JMP, and an Ampeg V4 distortion model at the same time. He recently got a Fender Jazzmaster copy with P-90s, but it’s lacking the sustain and attack of his Humbucker-equipped SG. We decided to go with a 1-knob MOSFET boost. It has an extremely low-input impedance to handle his lower output, single-coil P-90's. Mike wanted to call the pedal Slam after his cat of the same name, and he wanted to put some LEDs where his cat's eyes are.

This was a bit of a complicated build with unconventional LED placement, so I took extra care to drill the holes in the correct spot and line up the artwork perfectly. I went with clear LEDs that light up amber to look cat-like. I did a circle halftone of a picture Mike sent me and put the black graphics over an enclosure, painted with automotive white. I decided to use the large MXR-size knob with the Dunlop rubber stopper so Mike could adjust the pedal by foot.