Rhythm & Detonation

Scream Bloody Gore

I made this pedal for Bill D. based on the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer. The tube screamer is one of the most famous overdrive pedals and is the foundation for countless others. R.G. Keen over at Geofex wrote a great article explaining the technology behind the Tube Screamer. In it, Keen details Jack Orman's "Son Of Screamer"  project, which is a tube screamer without the buffer and true bypass switching instead of JFET switching.

I ended up creating my layout for the pedal after playing around with the different variables and tuning in the sound I thought was best. There are dozens of Op-Amp Chips you can use in this circuit, and I tried most of them. I ended up favoring the LF353 for its low noise and clarity. I also socketed the Op-Amp so that Bill can switch them out and try different sounds. I'm going to send him the JRC4558D chip as well, which is the Op-Amp found in the original tube screamers.

Bill wanted to put the cover to the classic Death album "Scream Bloody Gore"; which is an excellent name for a tube screamer-based pedal. Bill said he can't wait to run this thing into his Dimed Marshall JCM800. I'm glad Bill has the right idea about how to use this pedal. Tube screamers are not over-the-top distortions, but they are perfect for driving your amp into overdrive and providing some light clipping to give it a raw distorted sound.