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Michael Stearns – Grapevine

Crash DLS

Michael Stearns from the band Until Your Heart Stops contacted me about making him an Grapevine overdrive. "Go ahead and surprise me with a graphic," he said.

This was an exciting proposition for me.

I kicked around a bunch of different ideas, but  I was coming up dry. I started reading about Michael's hometown of Concord, California, and I found out about the Sunvalley Mall plane crash, which happened in 1985. Two days before Christmas a twin-engine plane missed its approach for the nearby airport and crashed into the shopping mall, then full of last-minute Christmas shoppers, killing six people and injuring 84 people.

It occurred to me that this is the dirty little secret of Concord. I found some images of the crash and used them to create the artwork.

I painted the pedal in Lime Ice, one of my favorite paints, and then I applied water slide decals over the paint. I then used several coats of polyurethane sealer. Finally, I put some carnauba wax on it to give it that deep body shine. I went with white knobs and used a clear/green LED.

The circuitry is from the "grapevine" project over at Madbean

Stearns is also a DIY builder. He plays through a Marshall Plexi clone that he built from a kit made by Metroamp. I haven't built an amp yet, but it sounds like a really fun project. It's a perfect example of building something better than what you can buy in a store for cheaper than you could buy it.

Now go listen to Until Your Heart Stops and pick up the free demo HERE. Check out their blog HERE.

Crash DLS
Crash DLS