Rhythm & Detonation


The good folks at Bridge 9 recently asked me to make a Buffered ABY. This is a really good idea for a project, with many uses. The best position for this pedal is at the end of your chain, plugging A into one amp and B into a second amp. You can do this with a passive ABY box, but the problem is you end up splitting your impedance between the two amps and losing signal to both. The way to solve this problem is to put a buffer before the split. I searched around and came across a great buffer at Jack Orman's Site that uses an op-amp. The input impedance is more than 1M, and the output impedance is low, so that it can drive two amps. It doesn't color or affect the sound in any way.

You can also use the Buffered ABY to drive a tuner that is always on without suffering tone loss.

Then I searched for an ABY schematic I found one I liked HERE. This schematic is for dpdt switches and doesn't include LED's, so I adapted it to use with 3pdts and added LED's, to clearly what's on.

So here she is: Buffered ABY.

Thank you to Greg from Defending the Kingdom for letting me use his picture for the artwork. The picture is of Defending the Kingdom & Ghost Town Electric's gear.